Jason Tree Square 250x250“As I enter my third year of administration, I am overwhelmed with pride for our great community. I am proud of our recent and ongoing infrastructural improvements, including our sewer & water line replacement projects, as well as several drainage tile replacements. I am proud of the efforts we are making to beautify our city. Several hazardous and/or abandoned structures have already been demolished and more projects are underway. We have also revised our Zoning Code and are working to provide consistent and steadfast enforcement. I am proud of the efforts we are making to help churn our local economy. Thanks to financial assistance provided by our TIF program, several downtown businesses have been able to take on major renovation & improvement projects.

Regarding our Transparency Initiative, we are continually working towards becoming a more open and transparent government. Last year, we created the “City Checkbook”. This is a library of reports on our website that shows you our specific monthly expenses and income. We are also striving to become more efficient and fiscally sound. Over the last year, we have paid down a significant portion of our debt and have managed to cut various inefficiencies.

Although we have accomplished a great amount, there is still much to do. I’m looking forward to the remaining years of my first term and am excited by what the future may hold for our community. Feel free to follow me on Facebook and Twitter for updates on our progress.  Thank you for your continued patience and support. I promise to work hard and keep The City of Sesser moving forward!”

– Mayor Jason Ashmore

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E-mail: mayor@sesser.org
Phone: (618) 625-3611

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