Welcome to the City of Sesser!

I am proud to serve as the Mayor of our great City. Since 2013, I have had the privilege to work with our City Council, Sesser residents, businesses in our community, along with many organizations. During that time, we’ve seen an increase in business growth, reduction in blighted areas, improved drainage systems, improved water and wastewater systems in the community.

The City has just completed the water tower rehabilitation project. This project improved the functionality and appearance of our water tower. When you visit our community one of the first structures you see is the water tower so we are excited that this will improve our community appeal to visitors and those wanting to locate here. The City is now focused on replacing wastewater mains. We are continuing our Downtown Rehabilitation Program. We just completed a full downtown waterline replacement so our businesses have the infrastructure they need to thrive. This program is focused on bringing in new businesses, expanding current businesses, and making sure we are utilizing all our downtown buildings. We are also working with business owners to improve the looks and safety of our downtown business district.

We are continuing our Shop Local Program, working with the Sesser Chamber of Commerce, all to promote and support our small businesses. Our code enforcement office is fully up and running and is continuing to work to improve the living standards of our citizens and improve the looks of our great City by enforcing new codes for blight and safety. We are implementing a City Court program which will give the City more enforcement ability on our blighted properties when the land owners refuse to work with our code inspector. We are embarking on rehabbing our historic Opera House. This building is an icon for our community and requires a lot of work to bring it back to its former glory. We want this iconic building to be a part of our community being a destination city. None of this is would be possible without teamwork from the residents, community organizations and all the elected officials of Sesser. With all of our accomplishments, future ideas, and working together, I am confident we can continue moving the City of Sesser forward. God Bless.

– Mayor Jason Ashmore

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E-mail: mayor@sesser.org
Phone: (618) 625-3611

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