I am very proud to have the opportunity to serve the people of Sesser again. Your confidence and support For the Sesser Police Department are greatly appreciated. I am excited to be back and see all the familiar faces and wonderful Changes that have taken place in the community since I have been away. The Police Department is going to continue making great strides in our community policing efforts, and I would like to reiterate what Chief Carlson said. Don’t forget we have a job to do and when the time comes we will do that job. Please continue to obey the laws and yes even the traffic laws. We will not tolerate any Domestic violence or driving under the influence, so please walk away when you get angry and get a ride when you shouldn’t be driving. We would prefer to drive you home before you drive, then to jail after you drive. The City of Sesser is a great place to live and we will do our personal best to keep you safe and protected.


Your Police Chief,
Ryan White

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