I am honored and blessed to serve as the new chief of police for the City of Sesser.  I have always adored the community of Sesser as I lived about eight miles away and traveled through town and often shopped here.  I am proud to continue serving in law enforcement and I bring twenty-five years of experience with me.   I started my career in a town in Missouri much like Sesser.

As Chief of Police, I expect my officers to be professional and diligent in their work.  Public Safety is what our department is about.  We will truly make our priority public service, and protection of our community.  We will not rule with an iron hand, but with firm boundaries that support what we want Sesser to be: a lake community known for its quaint atmosphere, and family orientation.

There are several things that fight against this vision for our community.  Violence, theft, substance abuse, and other safety violations rob our community of its spirit of security and safety.  The Police Department will take a firm, but subtle approach in enforcement.  But if behaviors constitute a firm approach, it will be handled appropriately.

Please partner with us to make Sesser the community we all want to live in: Save from harm, and Secure in our possessions.


Steve Bareis
Chief of Police

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