Water System Improvements – Public Notice

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The City of Sesser is notifying the general public that they have received funding for the Water System Improvements – Phase I project. Funding for the project has been made possible in part by the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency’s Public Water Supply State Revolving Loan Fund, which receives a portion of its money from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. The $900,000.00 loan has an interest rate of 1.00% and will be repaid over 25 years. $400,000.00 of the loan amount will be forgiven by the State of Illinois pursuant to principal forgiveness provisions contained in the Loan Rules. The project will consist of replacing approximately 2,500 feet of existing watermains and appurtenances in the City and rehabilitating the City’s existing 300,000 gallon elevated water tank. The project will replace/rehabilitate the aforementioned aging and failing water system components to improve the infrastructure.

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